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Take the World to Work

For the past three years, FIUTS has partnered with community members Fortunato Vega and Luke Tracy on the Take the World to Work Program. The FIUTS World to Work Program is a week-long series of events and workshops that connect students, both Americans and internationals, to professionals in their fields of interest. The culminating event is a networking reception, a festive event that creates a safe opportunity for students and professionals to meet and learn from each other.

Tonight, as I reflect on our third annual networking event, which included more than 100 students and professionals. I am so impressed by the program’s growth in just a few short years. But more importantly, I am struck by what it is not. World to Work is not an internship service. It is not a formal mentorship, a placement program, and no academic credit is offered.

Students and profesionals take part in World to Work because they are interested in connecting with people who share their passion and want to learn.  It goes to the core of the FIUTS mission to connect people across borders, languages, and cultures to find common ground.

FIUTS mission to engage students and others in cross cultural experiences might seem simple, but it truly resonates with people who share our passion for understanding, diversity, and leadership.  Thanks to everyone who took part in this years’ FIUTS World to Work Program.

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